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Build an Opensource and Enterprise Linux career with Integra

At Integra it is just Opensource and Enterprise Linux. We strive to provide the latest in opensource and linux based technologies and solutions to enterprises of all sizes. From OS platforms based on Red Hat Enterprise Linux, SUSE Linux and Oracle Linux to software defined storage technologies like Gluster and Ceph, from server virtualization and containers to Openstack and Cloud Forms, from AWS CloudFront to CodeDeploy, we help customers build their enterprise around the latest opensource technologies.

Join us, and help us continue being the pioneers in opensource and Enterprise Linux technologies in the region.

Important: Please do not email your CV's. Use the Click to Apply link at the end to submit your CV's.

Mandatory skills:

    An obsession with GNU/Linux - 4+ years of Enterprise Linux (RHEL/CentOS) experience.

    Ability to automate tasks with non-trivial BASH or Python scripts.

    Fluent English; ability to read large reams of documentation easily, and extensively document your own installations.

    Complete ease with working with LVM, RAID levels, filesystems, etc.

    Server hardening skills.

    Understanding of mail protocols, such as SMTP, POP & IMAP.

    RHCE (or higher) certified.

Highly desirable skills:

Experience with Zimbra mail servers, or at least with Postfix.

Knowledge of Red Hat clustering.

Experience with the Alfresco document management system.

Familiarity with distributions like SuSE, Ubuntu and Gentoo.

Knowledge of Nagios/Icinga, Red Hat Satellite/Spacewalk, Apache & MySQL, RHEV/oVirt/KVM, etc.

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  • Ability to design and build architectures and provide consultancy across network, storage, operating systems, virtualization, RDBMS & NoSQL databases, in-memory caches and application integration.
  • Serve as technical liaison between customers, sales and support teams.
  • Be able to educate and convince customers about the value proposition of AWS.
  • Participate in architectural discussions to build confidence and ensure customer success when building new and migrating existing applications, software and services on the AWS platform.
  • Participate in 24/7 support for all AWS deployments; must respond to and remediate incidents.
  • Knowledge of Linux is essential, RHCE certification is a plus.
  • Must be Certified AWS Solution Architect – Associate Level at least.

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Integra Technologies FZE
PO 341352, A4-311, Dubai Digital Park
Dubai Silicon Oasis
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Telephone: +971 4 3364 840
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