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Snowflake as a Data Platform

Snowflake is a single, integrated platform delivered as-a-service. It features storage, compute, and global services layers that are physically separated but logically integrated. Data workloads scale independently from one another, making it an ideal platform for data warehousing, data lakes, data engineering, data science, modern data sharing, and developing data applications.

Data Warehouse

Enable batch and continuous ingestion of structured and semi-structured data to ensure virtually all data consumers operate on live data, accelerating data to insights.

Run pipelines with dedicated, elastic, and right-sized computing resources for optimal performance, reliable pipelines, and significant cost savings.

Leverage SQL to streamline pipeline development with no additional clusters, services, or copies of your data to manage.

Batch and Continuous Data Pipelines for Various Data Formats

Snowflake handles both batch and continuous data ingestion of structured and semi-structured data.

  • Native support for semi-structured data with no need to define schema
  • Automated and managed data ingestion in near-real time from cloud blob storage with Snowpipe
  • Simplify change data capture (CDC) with Streams & Tasks
  • Simply load data and run with instant data availability.

Snowflake Data Lakes

Exceptional Query Performance

Make virtually all of your organization’s data available to a near-unlimited number of users. Enable efficient data exploration, with instant and near-infinite scalability and concurrency. 

Integrated and Extensible Data Pipelines

Streamline data pipeline development for optimized performance. Rely on pipelines scaling reliably and in real time to handle heavy data workloads and extensible data transformations to suit your unique needs. 

Secure, Governed Collaboration

Capitalize on Snowflake functionality to meet governance and security standards for collaborative data preparation, exploration, and analytics no matter where your data resides. 

Data Science

Traditional data warehouses and data lakes are too slow and restrictive for data scientists. Snowflake’s Data Cloud is built to seamlessly integrate and support the machine learning libraries and tools data scientists rely on. Snowflakes's near-unlimited data storage and instant and near-infinite compute resources can rapidly scale to meet the demands of analysts and data scientists.

Data Applications

Snowflake’s Data Cloud powers applications with virtually unlimited performance, concurrency, and scale.

Launch new features faster with simplified data pipelines and improved engineering efficiency. Delivered as a service, Snowflake handles the infrastructure complexity, so you can focus on innovating with the data applications you build.


Data Sharing

Deliver seamless data collaboration while reducing costs and revealing new business insights.

Snowflake’s Data Cloud enables organizations to securely share data across their business ecosystem.


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