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Doccept Document Management Software

Doccept Integrated Document Management

Doccept is a multi-user document management software that allows businesses to streamline business processes become better organized, more secure, and decidedly more efficient.

In a report released by AIIM (Association for Information and Image Management), it was stated that "over 60% of all organizations are required to keep some of their records into the foreseeable future, even within the non-government sector".

Document management is very important for organizations to the reach the goal of "Paperless offices". In today's world, organizations of all sizes possess and manage a legacy of paper documents, accumulate a rapidly growing share of electronic documents, and anticipate a future that is mostly, but not entirely, electronic.

Here is how it can help you.

Reduce Costs

Doccept streamlines business processes and improves customer service while reducing costs. It also makes regulatory compliance less expensive through optimal design and easy verifiable and audited access to stored documents.

Increase Efficiency

Empower your organization with the information you need when you need it. Enhance operational efficiency, create clear audit trails, and assure secure access to content on the go.

Application isolation and resource management

Red Hat Enterprise Linux gives you a set of essential tools to build and maintain highly available, high-performance storage solutions. Numerous file system options and a robust suite of storage management capabilities give you the flexibility to adapt and scale as your business grows.


With Doccept Workflow, your business can automate business processes and route documents and files for further action. Manage the flow and update of documents within the system without having to rely on e-mail or network drives. You can even include document links in messages you send to colleagues. Doccept allows you to:

  • Create custom rules to process and route content for approval
  • Distribute items automatically based on business conditions
  • Receive real-time notification of workflow alerts and information
  • Monitor progress through the workflow dashboard
  • Complement existing business applications and technologies like Microsoft Office®

  • We start with a core set of workflows designed to make your business more efficient right out of the box. We work with you to understand what workflows are the best for your particular business. Then, we customize the software so that actionable business data begins to flow through your organization like never before.
    Take the pain out of the training and give your employees software whose learning curve is small, short, and easy. The people in your organization using Microsoft Outlook can easily transfer their understanding for using Doccept.

    For those that use the document management system every day as a critical part of their job function, easily finding tools, exploring software features, and quickly solving problems is essential.

    With Doccept, your support staff can focus on bigger things, and won't spend as much time bringing users up to speed or explaining where to find software functions. Doccept has been designed with speed and ease of use top of mind.

    Gain immediate access to the documents being worked on by yourself and your collaborators using your dashboard. The Doccept dashboard is the hub of activity inside your business, giving you point-in-time access to what's being worked on right now.

    Quickly access and review work in progress, or get back to a document you recently accessed. Doccept also lets you know which documents are being subscribed to, allowing transparency into who's collaborating on what information.

    Users can subscribe to documents to be notified of changes or be reminded to act after a set of conditions have been met. Folders can be subscribed to get notified upon any changes in any documents under those specified folders.
    Templates are preformatted documents made available by any Organization for uniform usage by any employee. Templates ensure that every individual uses a clean template rather than a document used for some other instance. This eliminates possibilities of error, misuse and mistakes. Availability of Templates also ensure that employees do not end up wasting valuable time in creating new ones, while a ready one is already existing in the Organization.

    Users can begin a workflow by choosing the right templates for the task at hand, and then send the documents on for collaboration with other users. 

    View current activity throughout the system in one place. Easily access your latest work and documents that have had activity recently. Dashboard also gives an overview of space used, frequently used file types, recent emails, and documents in workflow etc.
    Doccept maintains a mirror image of your email account making it easily searchable and stored right alongside documents within the system. Doccept also offers intelligent Email rules, wherein emails can flow automatically into respective folders based on senders email address, Subject keywords, Keywords based on the content of the email. This feature will enable you to have all the relevant documents and emails together for easier retrieval and reference.
    Scan directly to Doccept using any TWAIN compatible scanner. Doccept can be configured to operate in a company's existing scanning environment.
    Predefined folder structures save time and help you maintain consistent information architecture by using the same folder names throughout your repository for like items.

    In short, Doccept DMS features:

        a strong emphasis on storage and archiving and document life-cycle management including document expiry

        focused on managing documents,and capable of managing other medium such as images, and movie and audio files

        storing and presenting documents in their native format

        a powerful and flexible workflow for incorporating business processes into the management of the documents

        restriction of document access at a folder or document level along with other security models

    A fragmented DMS is an obstacle to business strategies in part because it’s so deeply embedded in operations and organization, in part because information systems are rigid and the interconnections between different applications are complex. Kensium has studied the requirements in detail and has developed a powerful and affordable DMS solution: Doccept.

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