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Case Study - Transforming Database Resilience for Iskaan with Amazon Aurora MySQL

Iskaan is a leading multi-community management solution operating in the dynamic landscape of the Middle East. The platform encompasses a suite of applications with diverse functionalities, including addressing customer inquiries, managing property bookings, tracking payments, and facilitating communication between community and building managements, property owners, tenants, and third-party service providers.

Iskaan faced a critical challenge when hosting their application and MySQL database on-premise. With thousands of users and integrations with banks and government organizations dealing with property financial matters, the database load became highly unpredictable. The last 10 days of each month, characterized by intense transactional activities, resulted in excessive strain on the database infrastructure.

Frequent instances of downtime occurred throughout the month, causing significant disruptions for users, and raising concerns about potential business losses. The database was identified as the linchpin of their application, accentuating the urgency of finding a robust solution.

In response to Iskaan's predicament, we proposed and executed a migration strategy to AWS, leveraging Amazon Aurora MySQL for their database needs.

  • Migration to AWS: The entire application was migrated to Amazon Web Services (AWS), with a focus on optimizing database performance.
  • Amazon Aurora MySQL: The decision to move to Amazon Aurora MySQL was driven by several differentiators from traditional MySQL:
    • Scalability: Amazon Aurora MySQL offers unparalleled scalability, allowing Iskaan to have up to 15 read replicas. This capability efficiently distributes read traffic, ensuring optimal performance even during peak usage.
    • Performance: Benchmark tests revealed that Amazon Aurora MySQL is up to five times faster than MySQL running on equivalent hardware. This boost in performance is crucial for Iskaan, especially during critical periods when millions of transactions are processed.
    • High Availability: Amazon Aurora MySQL's architecture provides built-in high availability by replicating data across multiple availability zones. This ensures continuous operations and minimizes the risk of downtime, addressing Iskaan's concerns about business disruptions caused by database outages.
    • Managed Service Benefits: Amazon Aurora MySQL is a fully managed database service, relieving Iskaan from the operational complexities of database management. This allows the Iskaan team to focus more on optimizing their application and less on day-to-day database maintenance tasks.
    • Cost-Effectiveness: While providing enterprise-grade features, Amazon Aurora MySQL remains cost-effective. The pay-as-you-go model allows Iskaan to scale resources based on actual usage, optimizing costs without compromising on performance and reliability.
  • Decoupling Application: To address the unpredictability of the database load, we implemented a decoupling strategy by creating separate endpoints for writer and reader instances. The writer instance is an Aurora MySQL db.r5.2xlarge, complemented by two read replicas of the same size (db.r5.2xlarge).
  • Autoscaling: To efficiently handle peak loads during the critical period of the month, we implemented autoscaling. The system dynamically adjusts capacity, ensuring a minimum of two instances at all times and scaling up to a maximum of four instances during peak hours.


In conclusion, the adoption of Amazon Aurora MySQL not only resolved Iskaan's immediate challenges but also positioned them for future growth and scalability in the competitive landscape of multi-community management solutions. The seamless integration of AWS services, coupled with a meticulous approach to security and resilience, has proven instrumental in the success of Iskaan's digital transformation journey.


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