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Case Study - Transforming Database Resilience for ekar with Amazon RDS Aurora MySQL

Ekar provides convenient and cost-effective car-sharing services to individual commuters, tourists, and businesses in the UAE and MENA. Through a user-friendly mobile app, customers can access a diverse fleet of vehicles on-demand, with flexible rental options. Key resources include the vehicle fleet and technology platform, while key activities involve vehicle maintenance, marketing, and customer support.

As a startup, ekar had a vision of developing a mobility platform that would enable their future asset growth to double every year, driven by investments and geographical expansion.

In response, ekar made the strategic decision to migrate to and modernize onthe cloud. This move aimed to address their future needs and facilitate the incorporation of cutting-edge technologies such as the Internet of Things (IoT), Machine Learning (ML), and Containerization.

The extensive real time data including telemetry and network of IoT devices employed by Ekar within their cars for data transmission has led to an overload of their database. This influx of data which is very critical for operations, created a situation where the database struggles to efficiently handle the volume, ultimately which could have led to periods of downtime. This downtime could have significant repercussions on Ekar's overall system performance and operational continuity, leading to revenue loss.

Ekar wanted to factor out limitations in their environment, especially on the database side. The decision-making process involves a thorough evaluation of factors like management simplicity, security enhancements, increased availability, and the overall cost-effectiveness of the proposed infrastructure.

Establishing comprehensive disaster recovery mechanisms can be complex, potentially leading to extended downtime in the event of a system failure. Limited flexibility in adapting to changing business requirements or adopting new technologies is another drawback.

As a solution, Ekar may need to implement strategies such as optimizing data transmission protocols, enhancing database scalability, or exploring cloud-based solutions to alleviate the strain on their infrastructure and ensure consistent uptime.

  • The key components of the solution included:

    • Migration to RDS Aurora MySQL: Database for the application was migrated to Amazon Web Services (AWS), emphasizing the enhancement of database performance.
    • Amazon Aurora MySQL: The decision to move to Amazon Aurora MySQL was driven by several differentiators from traditional MySQL:
    • Scalability: Amazon Aurora MySQL offers unparalleled scalability. This capability efficiently distributes read traffic, ensuring optimal performance even during peak usage.
    • Performance: Benchmark tests demonstrated that Amazon Aurora MySQL outperforms MySQL on equivalent hardware by up to five times. This significant performance boost is paramount for Ekar, particularly during critical periods when processing millions of transactions.
    • High Availability: Amazon Aurora MySQL's architecture provides built-in high availability by replicating data across multiple availability zones. This ensures continuous operations and minimizes the risk of downtime.
    • Managed Service Benefits: Amazon Aurora MySQL serves as a fully managed database service, alleviating the operational intricacies associated with database management. This enables the developer team to dedicate more attention to optimizing their application and less on the day-to-day maintenance tasks of the database.
    • Cost-Effectiveness: While providing enterprise-grade features, Amazon Aurora MySQL remains cost-effective. The pay-as-you-go model allows Ekar to scale resources based on actual usage, optimizing costs without compromising on performance and reliability.
    • Decoupling Application: To address the unpredictability of the database load, we implemented a decoupling strategy by creating separate endpoints for writer and reader instances. The writer instance is an Aurora MySQL db.r5.4xlarge and a read replica with the same size (db.r5.4xlarge).

    • Database Security Measures:
      Recognizing the critical importance of the database, we implemented comprehensive security measures:
      • Disaster Recovery (DR) and Backups: Daily backups with point-in-time recovery (PITR) were enabled to ensure data integrity and facilitate recovery in case of any unforeseen events. Additionally, a cross-region read replica of Aurora MySQL was established, with the primary production environment in Ireland (eu-west-1) and a complete running environment in the UAE region (eu-central-1) for disaster recovery purposes.
      • Secrets Management: To enhance database credential security, we implemented secrets management for the secure storage and retrieval of sensitive information.

The adoption of Amazon Aurora MySQL and its associated strategies resulted in noteworthy outcomes for ekar:

  • Zero Downtime: The robust architecture ensured that Ekar experienced no downtime even during peak usage periods.

  • Improved Performance: The scalable and responsive nature of Amazon Aurora MySQL contributed to improved overall database performance.

  • Enhanced Security: The implementation of disaster recovery measures, daily backups, and secrets management fortified the security of Ekar's critical database

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