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AWS Practice - AWS Control Tower Practice

AWS Control Tower helps customers set up and govern a secure, multi-account AWS environment. It offers a simplified way to establish and manage a well-architected multi-account structure based on AWS best practices.

AWS Control Tower provides a set of predefined rules, known as guardrails, which are designed to enforce security, compliance, and operational policies across all the AWS accounts within an organization. These guardrails help ensure that accounts are configured correctly and adhere to organizational policies and industry standards.

Key features of AWS Control Tower include:

    • Account provisioning: Control Tower helps create new AWS accounts using a standardized account creation process. It automates the setup of core accounts and resources, such as AWS Identity and Access Management (IAM) roles, logging, and security services.
    • Account baseline configuration: Control Tower applies foundational configurations and best practices to newly provisioned accounts. This includes enabling AWS Single Sign-On (SSO), setting up security services like AWS CloudTrail and AWS Config, and configuring logging and monitoring.
    • Guardrails: Control Tower uses AWS Organizations and service control policies (SCPs) to enforce a set of predefined guardrails across all accounts. These guardrails define the desired account configurations and help prevent non-compliant actions.
    • Account lifecycle management: Control Tower helps manage the lifecycle of AWS accounts, including ongoing maintenance, updates, and decommissioning. It provides a centralized console to view and manage accounts, simplifying the account management process.
    • Account customization: Control Tower allows customers to customize the account provisioning process by defining their own account-level configurations, such as additional IAM roles, policies, and networking settings.

By using AWS Control Tower, you can establish a secure and well-governed multi-account AWS environment while reducing the operational overhead associated with managing multiple accounts individually. It provides a streamlined approach to account management, compliance, and security, enabling organizations to scale their AWS infrastructure effectively.



Control Tower allows you to extend and customize the account provisioning process using AWS CloudFormation. You can define custom CloudFormation templates to automate the deployment of additional resources, configurations, and applications in newly provisioned accounts.

Account Factory

Control Tower's Account Factory feature enables you to create and provision AWS accounts in bulk. This is particularly useful for organizations that need to rapidly create multiple accounts, such as for project teams, departments, or subsidiaries.

Account Vending Machine

The Account Vending Machine feature allows you to automate the process of requesting and provisioning new AWS accounts. It provides a self-service portal where users can request new accounts, specify account-level configurations, and Control Tower automatically provisions the requested accounts based on predefined rules and policies.

Centralized Permission Management

Control Tower integrates with AWS Single Sign-On (SSO), which enables centralized user and permission management across multiple AWS accounts. This allows you to define roles, permissions, and access policies in one place and apply them consistently across all accounts within your organization.

Case Studies - AWS Control Tower

Border Control Company uses AWS Control Tower to secure its Cloud Infrastructure

This company creates, deploys and manages state-of-the-art face recognition technology and turn-key solutions for ensuring security clearence of of people through multiple border points and the movement of passengers through airports, land crossings, sea ports and other ingress and egress points, protecting security to the nation and its infrastructure and assisting law enforcement keep track and identify suspicious assets and movements.

AWS Control Tower is used to simplify and streamline the management of their multi-account AWS environments. Control Tower provides a centralized solution that automates the process of creating and configuring AWS accounts according to best practices, while enforcing security, compliance, and operational policies through predefined guardrails. It enabled this company to establish a secure and well-governed AWS infrastructure, reduced operational overheads, and ensured consistency across accounts. With features like customizations, account lifecycle management, and integrations with other AWS services, this company used Control Tower to efficiently manage their AWS accounts, enhance security and compliance, and scale their infrastructure effectively.

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Oilfield Supplies company, Petronash, uses AWS Control Tower to secure its multi account AWS infrastructure

Petronash is a global provider of innovative engineering solutions and services for the oil and gas industry. The company specializes in the design, manufacturing, and installation of advanced technologies and systems that enhance operational efficiency, safety, and environmental sustainability. Petronash offers a wide range of products and services, including modular process skids, electrical systems, automation and control solutions, asset management software, and integrated wellhead control panels. Their solutions cater to various segments of the oil and gas industry, including upstream exploration and production, midstream transportation, and downstream refining and petrochemicals. Petronash focuses on delivering cutting-edge technologies and reliable solutions to help their clients optimize their operations, reduce costs, and improve overall productivity in the energy sector.

Petronash uses AWS Control Tower to effectively manage and govern their multi-account AWS environment, ensuring security and compliance across all accounts. It provides a streamlined account provisioning process, predefined guardrails for policy enforcement, and centralized management capabilities. By using AWS Control Tower, Petronash simplifies account management, adheres to best practices, and maintains a secure and well-governed AWS infrastructure.

Please email us at or call +971 4 3364 840 for a consultation.

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