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Amazon Web Services (AWS) RDS Service Delivery
AWS Practice - Amazon Relational Database (RDS) Service Delivery

Amazon RDS, or Amazon Relational Database Service, is a managed relational database service provided by Amazon Web Services (AWS). It is designed to simplify the process of setting up, operating, and scaling a relational database in the cloud. Amazon RDS supports several popular database engines, including:

    • MySQL
    • PostgreSQL
    • MariaDB
    • Oracle Database
    • Microsoft SQL Server
    • Amazon Aurora

Automated Database Administration

Amazon RDS automates routine database tasks, such as backups, software patching, and database scaling. This allows users to focus more on their applications and less on the maintenance of the underlying database infrastructure.


RDS makes it easy to scale database instances vertically (by increasing the compute and memory resources) or horizontally (by adding read replicas). This enables users to handle increasing workloads or demands for improved performance.

High Availability

Amazon RDS provides features such as automated backups and Multi-AZ (Availability Zone) deployments to enhance the availability and durability of database instances. Multi-AZ deployments involve replicating the database across multiple data centers to ensure data redundancy and failover capabilities in case of a hardware failure or maintenance event.


RDS offers various security features, including network isolation using Amazon Virtual Private Cloud (VPC), encryption at rest and in transit, and the ability to manage access control through IAM (Identity and Access Management) and database-specific user accounts.


Managed Database Updates

Amazon RDS simplifies the process of keeping database engines up-to-date by automating tasks such as patching and version upgrades.


Case Studies - Amazon CloudFront


ekar uses Amazon Aurora to meet its uptime and disaster recovery requirements, being a 24x7 operation with thousands of cars on roads 365 days an year. Key functionality such as restore to point in time, reader nodes, cross-region replication, and automatic node failover have dramatically reduced or eliminated downtimes and performance issues. Amazon Aurora has also increased productivity and has reduced cost of operations leading to greater ROI.

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Iskaan is the Ultimate AI based Community Management System. One of the most technologically advanced 360˚ turnkey solution for management and operation, providing a full fledge dashboard for managers, making it the most suitable key answer for CMC, Vendors, Owners, and Residents to manage their operations, finances, and services. Learn how Iskaan leverages Amazon RDS Aurora to bring scalability and reliability to property and building management operators.

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Diglossia is an EdTech startup that does stellar work in empowering under privileged children across the Middle East by helping educators and government agencies to understand Arabic language literacy levels. Using these automated tests that include written, spoken and visual methodologies, educators are able to understand literacy levels across regions, areas, countries at population scale and help them formulate policies and strategies to improve lives and to build a better future for their populations.

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